List of trusted charities:

Red Cross

Donate to World Central Kitchen

Ukraine Red Cross - Emergency 

Doctors Without Borders 

UKRAINE CRISIS International Committee of the Red Cross 

Give ponctually Médecins du Monde 

DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal Oxfam GB 

Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal Disasters Emergency Committee



What to donate?

Ukraine needs our help. How can we support them in these difficult times?

If it is possible for you to make a donation, it is preferable to donate money directly to charities. 

Some ports and highways are currently blocked or out of service. Thus, a product donation can possibly never reach its destination.

La Petite Ourse has made a donation in order to support all of Ukraine residents in this time of crisis.

We hope that Ukraine will recover quickly from this war thanks to our collective support and donations.


How to help Ukraine other than by donating?

- Support the pages dedicated to the current situation in Ukraine
Share information on how to help
Keep talking about it

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