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At La Petite Ourse, it is more than important for us to give back to our community. This is why we support many causes and initiatives, local or international, through financial contributions or product donations. Are you an organization or an influencer and want to collaborate with us? Do not hesitate to send us your ideas via our contact form!

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Initiative in Tanzania

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Black Lives Matter

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Mission Haiti

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La Petite Ourse EU

The Little Dipper

October 2020

La Petite Ourse EU

Magazine Moi Parent

Spring 2019, vol 20

La Petite Ourse EU

L’Information d’Affaires

February 2018

They talk about us!

LoeppkysLife - Youtube January 17, 2020
«Everything I wish I knew before cloth diapering» 

Marika - Youtube December 6, 2019
"My experience with washable diapers (La Petite Ourse)" 

Nerds - Blog November 10, 2019 - Audrey-Ann Heafy-Saucier
"10 original gifts to offer for a baby shower" 

Karine Pothier - Youtube March 4, 2019
"My experience after 3 years with washable diapers (with 2 children)" 


Love the diapers, they are a great fit and we haven't had any leaks. They are our favorite from the 3 brands that we have. We would buy more, but we have already bought most of the styles available in Europe. Hoping that you come out with more!

- Larissa

Love all the LPO diapers - opening for inserts on both ends, super soft interior, and the inserts are very absorbent. I love them for nighttime! And the print is incredibly cute.

- Kaye

I am so happy with these beautiful diapers! They hold moisture well and are so cute!

- Elise

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