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Zone 2

Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and Spain

Zone 3

Austria, Italy, Netherlands and Portugal

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Ireland, Greece, Romania, Finland and Denmark

Zone 5

Malta, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Croatia, Estonia



Hungary Purchase our products here: Pixyre and Zöld Üton
Iceland Purchase our products here: Cocobutts
Slovenia Purchase our products here: Pralne Plenicke
United Kingdom Visit our UK based retailers here:


Our site no longer ships to Iceland and Slovenia yet you will find our products by visiting your favorite cloth nappy retrailers above!

Due to increased volume and demand on carriers as well as additional health and safety protocols, you may experience extra delays in receiving your order. We will do everything to make sure you receive your order as quickly as possible.

Watch out for customs and fees! Please note that our European orders leave from our warehouse located in France. Any duties and taxes that apply based on our client's location are at the expense of our clients. Thank you for your understanding.

Shiping rates are subject to change.
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